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June SUPWA Paddle Loop

4th June 2016

Saturday morning June 4th, burn some calories & have fun with the SUPWA Paddle Loop. It's your race, ..

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July SUPWA Paddle Loop

2nd July 2016

Saturday morning July 2nd,it's our Christmas in July SUPWA Paddle Loop. Burn some calories & have fun. Spot ..

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CWA Avon Challenge

7th August 2016

Fun event open to solo, duo and three person teams. Link to entry details to come.

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2016 Wedge Island

By CRAWF OLNEY. 29 April

The much anticipated Wedge Island Shaka event has been run and won folks. The winners being the WA SUP community. What went down on the ANZAC day long weekend was a beautiful thing.

So for any great surf event the star of the show has to be the natural environment. Well Wedge Island proved to be the glittering star of the show with pristine beaches and plenty of waves (check out the photos and video it was stunning). We had the whole package for a great surf weekend, a cool road trip, a sleepy coastal town with a great pub, real world non-digital fun for the kids with a healthy smattering of crusty old salts thrown in. Just about the complete Tim Winton novel without the tragic ending.

The focus was competition and competition is important when you have a whole bunch of frothing SUP surfers. However, day 1 of this comp is not too serious and is about good vibes – epitomizing the “Shaka” (Hang Loose) attitude that originated in Hawaii. Now if you think that stuff is all a bit naff and a load of crap well I challenge you to get amongst it, because were talking seriously good vibes and good times here. Hey, before you know it you’ll be throwing more Shaka’s than a 60 year old Kelly Slater being spat out of a 10 foot pipeline barrel to win his 20th World Title.

Whilst we had legends of the sport competing, the emphasis was on participation. Everybody who wanted to have a go paddled out (BTW some people just came along and free surfed). At the same time we want to let people show us their style and skills. This meant we had to include big boards because that’s where we all started and that’s where there is so much fun to be had. Now most people have a big board but if you don’t there were plenty of new and old boards on the beach for anybody to use.

Saturday was big board day and it was nonstop comp action. The gig was old school longboard style surfing with cross stepping and nose rides; we even saw helicopters, head stands and few “dying cockroaches”. The men’s division had a mixture of old stalwarts, young up and comers and competitive Newbie’s. The Women’s division was full of sisterly love with lots of support, encouragement and mucking around. The Juniors could surf whatever size SUP they wanted and the grom heats were just bubbling over with enthusiasm and talent.

So there’s a lot of surfing going down on the beach and everyone having a great time. To cap the day off we had an incredibly entertaining and exciting BOP Race whose participants ranged from under 12 to over 50 and was an awesome display of fitness and skill. This is all going down smooth as silk because the guys and girls running the show are just nailing it. The SUPWA crew had it all organized with Judges, Beach Marshalls, PA, Commentators , Food Stall and it all ran like clockwork.

Saturday was nothing short of awesome, beautiful weather, great surfing, smooth organization and an early finish time. Those who did the big day trip went home completely surfed out and stoked. For the rest it was back to digs in Lancelin. Some went the, debrief down the pub option, others went the shower/ dinner/ kids to bed ASAP option. Regardless of what people chose to do Saturday night there was a healthy convoy of 4WD’s following the trailer of Porta-Loo’s being towed up the beach by the Prez early the next morning, in search of the next surf location for the short board divisions.

After deciding on a nice little locale with some left and rights the short board SUP surfing got underway. It was WHAM, BAM, POW great surfing going down everywhere, whether it be comp or free surfing. Same good vibe, same great team making it all happen. Now I’m told the post event after party might not have exactly been a family show but Hey there were some really hard working cats there who deserved to let their hair down.
So what we have now is a MUST GO event that has to be etched into your calendar for next time. My advice for engagement is, get behind SUPWA become a member and immerse yourself into this incredibly fun and healthy event. It’s totally addictive, it’s inclusive of all ages, all levels, and is full of great people who will welcome you with open arms.

Gratitude from the Prez

Big thanks go out to the people who made the unique Wedge Island Shaka a success. The Shaka achieved all event objectives in being a standalone SUP Surfing event inclusive of LongSUP, ShortSUP and Tech Racing whilst focusing on novice competitors, junior’s, and also advanced surfers.

SUPWA also greatly appreciate the opportunity to conduct events for our members in regional areas like Wedge Island and thank Parks and Wildlife for their assistance throughout the applications & approvals process and for their ongoing management of the region.

Thanks to the following people for participating in event management and the execution.

- Event Judging – Geoff Bryant (special effort)
- Event Safety - Sue Collins
- Infrastructure & Judging – Gordon Stimson
- Catering – Anna Stansfield & Denise Fry
- Score Sheets - Maree Martin and Renee Durrant
- Technical Race – Jackson Shaw, Great effort Jacko!
- Commentary – Wes Stansfield & Roger Goodwin
- Event Promotions – Chris Lemessier & Greg Kerr
- Equipment and infrastructure – Gordon McKercher
- Supervision – Marcus Tardrew/Crawf Olney/Roger Goodwin
- Sponsorship - Stand Up Surf Shop – Mike Galvin & Cam McKay

Again! Thanks to everyone involved.


Stand Up Paddling or SUP has its roots in Hawaiian surf tradition. This tradition was revived recently by modern big wave surfers, notably - Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and Brian Keaulana (to name a few) as an effective cross training tool.

One of the advantages of SUP is the greater visibility and the fact you don't actually need a wave. You have a better perception of waves and a greater appreciation of your environment as you can see not only around you, but in the water as well, by virtue of standing up. You can also SUP anywhere there is water deeper than 2 feet.

There are many disciplines of SUP, which also makes it one of the most accessible water sports on the planet. There are 5 disciplines of SUP in WA:

There are particular boards for each discipline, but there are many 'all round' boards that allow you to get into the sport and get a feel for the discipline that suits you. Check out your local shop to demo a board or take lessons.

The Hawaiian tradition of SUP permeates the lifestyle. The Hawaiians refer to the "Aloha spirit", which is one of acceptance and kindness. This is further coupled with "Mahalo" which refers to gratitude and thanks. Whilst these are Hawaiian in nature and origin, they are the best words to describe the local SUP community and people involved in the sport world wide.

Annual Fig2Fig 2014 event


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8 Southsiders 2

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December 2014

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