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Paddlesports SUP 5000

2017 Paddlesports SUP 5000.. Four races held back to back from 2000m down to 500m, held at Deepwater ..

YOB Collie Bridge 5500

YOB Collie Bridge 5500... One of the most fun SUP events on the SUPWA calendar, held at Collie Bridge ..

What is a SUPWA POD?

A Pod is the collective noun for a group of dolphins. They form pods to hunt and play together, sometimes ..

March PaddleLoop 2018

4th March 2018

NEW PADDLELOOP COURSES, AT THE SAME VENUE! Come along and find out, same distance for each loop as below. Registration 0700 for ..

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2018 Starboard Australia Black Blade

25th March 2018


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2018 Stand Up Surf Shop WA SUP State Title - Rottnest Classic

3rd May 2018

2018 STAND UP SURF SHOP WA SUP TITLES - RND # 1 ROTTNEST Thu 3rd May 2018 – Sun 6th May 2018 Registration ..

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CLICK here 2018 SUPWA Events Calendar


SUPWA is the State Association for Stand Up Paddle Sports in Western Australia.

Stand Up Paddle Origins

 Stand Up Paddling or SUP has its roots in Hawaiian surf tradition. This tradition was revived recently by modern big wave surfers, notably - Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and Brian Keaulana (to name a few) as an effective cross training tool. SUP is now one of the world’s fastest growing leisure activities and sports – People from 6 years of age through to people in their 80s and beyond are paddling. How Awesome!

The Hawaiian tradition of SUP permeates the lifestyle. The Hawaiians refer to the "Aloha spirit", which is one of acceptance and kindness. This is further coupled with "Mahalo" which refers to gratitude and thanks. Whilst these are Hawaiian in nature and origin, they are the best words to describe the local SUP community and people involved in the sport worldwide.

The SUP community in WA is all about the Aloha Spirt and the SUP Life is now being shared by thousands of West Aussies so Mahalo goes out to our Hawaiian friends.

There are many disciplines of SUP, which also makes it one of the most accessible water sports on the planet. There are 5 disciplines of SUP in WA which form the 17 events run by SUPWA in WA:

· Surfing

· Downwinding - surfing waves over distance with the breeze

· Technical Racing - racing in the surf break around a buoyed course

· Flat water Marathon - distances ranging from 5km to 20km

· Flat-water Sprint - sprint distances from 200m to 2km

There are particular boards for each discipline, but there are many 'all round' boards that allow you to get into the sport and get a feel for the discipline that suits you. Check out your local shop to demo a board or take lessons.
If you would like to get involved become a SUPWA member and enjoy the benefits of SUPWA and being part of a fantastic community of paddlers that are keen to share ideas and have fun.



  • Action Sports WA
  • Paddle Pro
  • Chapman Surfboards
  • Fanatic SUP
  • Mainpeak
  • Stand Up Paddle Sports
  • Stand Up Surf Shop
  • Star Board SUP
  • YOB Australia
  • WA Surf
  • Man Over Board
  • SUP Central WA
  • Naish Surfing
  • Sidra Blue

Events Calendar


PositionPOS Team Total Points
1 Fremantle 138
2 City Beach Drum Liners 87
3 YOB Squad Pod 61
4 North Shore Paddlers 26
5 S.U.S.S Crew 8
6 SUP Tonic 5
7 North West Boardriders 5
8 Bunbury Wavemasters 5
9 Can't use O points 1
10 Fremantle YoDev 1
11 Margi pod 1

King Of The Cut
December 2014

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Member Benefits

  1. Personal accident insurance
  2. Discounted entry fees to events
  3. Eligible to enter SUP State and National events
  4. Junior Development Sessions
  5. Youth Development Sessions
  6. Engagement through volunteer event management positions
  7. Free Event - SUP 5000
  8. Free Events - Paddle Loops x 5
  9. SUPWA sticker
  10. SUPWA/SWA discount card for retail discounts