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If you are a full SUPWA member, Industry member* or Corporate Sponsors*, it's easy.

Simply email SUPWA with the following details;

Pods require 2 Pod contacts + Mobile numbers (or email) (both full SUPWA members) to form a pod.

Let us know the name of the pod (anything you like, but remember it will feature on the SUPWA webpage - so keep it clean!).

The primary location you will paddle from and the type of Pod you are forming - racing, downwinding, surfing, cruising?

* Only Industry members and Corporate Sponsors can name their Pod after their business. Businesses should be aware that a Pod is not a paddle school and that SUPWA member's insurance is only personal accident not public liability. A Pod is a training group that competes in the SUPWA Pod League under the business name.

Any SUPWA member can form a pod, its a great way to share our sport. You don't have to be a SUPWA member to paddle in a pod though (you do if you want to compete - day membership available).


SUPWA Pods Hosting Events.

SUPWA recognise Pods as the pathway for growth and development of SUP in WA. Our objective is to assist Pods to be effective in providing a culture of support, encouragement and development and to provide a healthy lifestyle through group training, paddle activities and also events in regional areas and Perth.

SUPWA offer an Event Management Assistance Platform to assist Pod managers and events committees to execute training, paddle activities and events with support through proven SUP event management systems, procedures and tools.

Why can’t Pods run events how they want when they want?

There is no reason a Pod can’t hold their own events independent of SUPWA – If they are prepared to take on ALL RISKS and LIABILITY should there be an accident during the event. This means you are potentially liable for costs and possibly criminal charges if you don’t have the right permits and planning in place. There is no such thing as NO RESPONSIBILITY when it comes to the law, accidents and a grieving family.

Please note; SUPWA take no responsibility for events in regional areas that are not directly approved and managed through the SUPWA committee. However, we will make every attempt to assist Pods to achieve compliance and success with independent events.
The SUPWA Event Management Assistance Platform provides the full suite of documents required for effective event management.

The EMAP consists of our user friendly SUPWA Event Management Systems and tools listed below;

  • Event management Plan;
  • Committee Management Tool;
  • Event location and course layout;
  • Risk Management guidelines;
  • Risk Management Plan Template;
  • Information and historical data assistance;
  • Approvals and permit assistance;
  • Provide contacts with relevant event experience;
  • Electronic event registration;
  • Assistance in promoting the event to our members and wider community;
  • General support, assistance and guidance where required;
  • Use of SUPWA event equipment if available;
  • Assistance with local grant application;

SUPWA do not provide Insurance for independent SUP events (councils require $20 million indemnity insurance for events); However, if the SUPWA committee assess your proposed event and it aligns with SUPWA objectives and we have management capacity (2 x event managers to assist local event committee at your cost) to run the event. We would obtain the required sanction from our affiliate, Surfing WA and our insurance underwriter to provide provided insurance for all members.


How do the Pods integrate with SUPWA to achieve event success? It’s a simple 3 step process.

Step 1. Complete the SUPWA Event Concept Analyser.

Purpose; Examine the event methodically and in detail, in order to interpret the event for decision on whether to progress alter or decline to proceed.

What is required? Simply input the following data into the analyser tool;
1. Provide Overview on the event
2. Determine or understand the experience within the team to conduct the event
3. Detail the event objectives
4. Commitment - Allocation of responsibilities.
5. Workshop the idea to allow for development of documentation, budgets and management (Existing SUPWA Event Management Documents-review only)
6. Implementation - Complete Documentation - Identify Management Team (Existing SUPWA Committee Management Tool-review only)

The Concept Idea Analyser is a simple spreadsheet that requires a simple 6 stage data input process. The document is a simple tool that assists everyone involved to understand the event through all stages of planning scheduling, resourcing, approvals and compliance and delivery.

Step 2. Complete SUPWA’s Event Management Documents – First pass draft for review.

Event Management Plan
Complete the SUPWA EMP ready for SUPWA review The EMP template is also designed to give you an idea of the work involved in running an event and to help schedule, plan and resource your event.
Committee Management Tool
Resource the CMT with adequate labour, materials, equipment and infrastructure ready for SUPWA review.
The Committee Management Tool template is designed to give a more precise appreciation of the work involved in running your event and to better help event planning, scheduling and execution;
Event Budget
SUPWA have limited opportunity to provide financial backing for events. Understanding events need to break even. SUPWA can review and assist event budgeting;
You are free to secure sponsors for your event, however SUPWA would like to be informed of your sponsors to ensure we don't have a clash with our corporate sponsors – Our corporate sponsors may wish to contribute.
Safety and Insurance
Rescue Facilities – SUPWA prefers to use Sea rescue services for rescue at major events, particularly downwind events. For some events simply other competitors craft will suffice or boat or jet ski operated by a member or other volunteer organisation (e.g. Karratha Sea Rescue) maybe satisfactory
First Aid - You will need certified First Aid people for your event.
An approved Risk Management Plan is required to meet council and insurance requirements. SUPWA can assist with development
Department of Transport Permit (Application to Hold Aquatic Event)
For events between Dawesville Cut and Lancelin are approved via the Coastal Committee. SUPWA can assist with approval process.
For other locations, application goes to local DOT office
All councils have different requirements, please contact the appropriate council for your event location
Department of Parks and Wildlife
For some locations (e.g. Woodman Point & Wedge Island) your event will be in a marine park and you need a DPaW permit
Event Registrations
Registration (if done via SUPWA web site - participants need to be SUPWA members. If SUPWA run the event then our affiliate Surfing Western Australia will require all members to be members. (This is an insurance requirement if SUPWA are running the event)

Step 3. SUPWA Committee Members Review Event Management Documents – Final Approval.

Review all Event Management Documentation to ensure the event is in line with Pod objectives and also SUPWA’s goals and to ensure the event presents Stand Up Paddle boarding in a positive light to the membership, all other stakeholders and the public.
Make any changes as recommended and proceed to deliver your event successfully.
Effective Pod Structure = Success

Effective Pod structure is required in achieving growth, development and participant satisfaction. Our existing Pods and the committee have built good knowledge regarding effective Pod structure and look forward to assisting new Pods in understanding training, activities and event management. We understand that people like to hold events in their region and therefore SUPWA would like to impart our learnings and knowledge to ensure Pods are not operating in isolation or developing without adequate resources or support.

If your Pod has the idea and the resources (a few mates and volunteers) to help put on events, we can help you through the planning, budgeting, procurement, course mapping and also review of the event documentation.

Currently the SUPWA committee consists of 21 people who are busy with a large number of existing events on our annual calendar, therefor it’s difficult to organise additional events in regional WA. However SUPWA want to see SUP being enjoyed across our state safely and in compliance with all stakeholder requirements. Therefor SUPWA will provide management systems, guidance management tools and experience to ensure people who are running events understand what is involved and how to manage SUP events safely and without stress.




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