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SUP 5000

Stand Up Surf Shop SUP 5000 - 7th July 2012

What a great way to launch SUPWA's new racing series with the world first SUP 5000.

The event is made up of 4 separate races held on a 2000m rowing course - we were down at the old commonwealth games canning bridge rowing course.

First race is 2000m, next race 1500m, then 1000m and finally a 500m sprint. You tally up your placing's and the paddler with the least wins overall.

It's great because the long distance guys have to learn to sprint and the sprinters have to maintain their endurance to be effective in the shorter distances. In the case of a tie for points there will be a 200m sprint tie breaker.

The day started off in the dark with paddlers gathering for the briefing. As the sun rose we were greeted with millpond perfect conditions, with the sun popping in and out.

As racing got underway in the men's 2000m race, it was Marcus Tardrew on his new 14 DC, followed by Mike Galvin and Greg Kerr neck and neck both on Starboard Coast Runners, a battle that would continue until the end of the day. The rest of the pack spread out across the course with a number of battles within the race taking place.

Up next it was the ladies turn and it was Starboard rider Michelle England who jumped out to an early lead and managed to hold onto it for the rest of the day. Close behind was Lorrayne with Jacque and Natalie rounding out the field.

Race number 2 (1500m) was much the same story with Marcus out in front and Galvo and Greg battling it out for 2nd and 3rd, as conditions only got better.

As the races got shorter and the bodies became fatigued the field was closer and closer.

By the time the last race (500m) rolled around the sun was out there was not a breath of wind and racing conditions were perfect. Michelle having not had enough in the women's division decided to take on some of the men and held her own.

Final results:

Womens 12'6 - Michelle England, Lorrayne Grullis, Jacquie, Natalie

Surfboard - Gary, Justin

12'6 - Luke Jenkins, Rob Porzig, Ian Nicholson

14' - Marcus Tardew, Greg Kerr and Mike Galvin


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