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Starboard Black Blade Regatta - 10th November 2012

It was to be the first event of its kind anywhere in Australia where SUP's race over a set distance of 200 metres on a flat water rowing course at Champion Lakes. This style of racing is seen by many as the way in which SUP will make it into the Olympics which placed even more importance on this event.

With a limited number of positions available the field was full of top class paddlers. The action was faced paced and there was little rest for those competing in both the 12'6 and 14' class.

Watch the Starboard Black Blade Regatta Sprint State Titles video via Vimeo


Female 12'6 Open State Sprint 200m
Gold - Michelle England
Silver - Lorrayne Grullis
Bronze - Anne Lockwood

Male 12'6 Open State Sprint 200m
Gold - Ben Tardrew
Silver - Cam McKay
Bronze - Gordon Stimson

Male 14' O/50 State Sprint 200m
Gold - Lach Simpson
Silver - Kent Wright
Bronze - Ian Grose

Male 14' O/40 State Sprint 200m
Gold - Scott Penwarn
Silver - Joe Fry
Bronze - Gordon Stimson

Male 14' Open State Sprint 200m
Gold - Peter Pridmore
Silver - Roger Goodwin
Bronze - Marcus Tardrew

The Battle of the Paddler is a world first event. The top 12 paddlers from the 14' division and the top 6 from the 12'6 qualified for this event. The paddlers were weighted and those under 80kg were designated on a 12'6 board, those greater or equal to 80kg were designated on a 14' board. Starboard provided 4 x 14' Ace Pro boards and 4 x 12'6 BOP boards.

The event was raced over 500m to give everyone a chance to get used the new boards. The weight division also lead to some interesting racing, challenging paddlers and creating new contests/battles. Paddlers loved the new event, with everyone appreciating being on a level playing field and the challenge of moving a different board.

Battle of the Paddler Female 12'6
1st - Michelle England
2nd - Lorrayne Grullis
3rd - Jade Lane

Battle of the Paddler Male 12'6
1st - Marcus Tardrew
2nd - Ben Tardrew
3rd - Jackson Shaw

Battle of the Paddler Male 14'
1st - Peter Pridmore
2nd - Roger Goodwin
3rd - Gordon Stimson


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